College of Education and Therapy AZS Club

Since March 2007, members of the College of Education and Therapy AZS Club, under the lead of Jacek Paradowski, MSc, have actively participated in many academic competitions in various sports disciplines. The College of Education and Therapy AZS Club brings together students who can also boast international achievements outside the Club. However, as it happens in life, once a student becomes a graduate, he or she goes out into the world. Fortunately, equally talented athletes emerge every year.

If you want to represent our College in the sports arena, contribute to its promotion, enjoy healthy competition, are looking for opportunities to use your energy in a positive way, train competitively or amateurishly or want to try out at a new discipline – you are more than welcome!

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What you gain by getting involved in student sport:

  • Opportunity to train and utilise facilities for free.
  • Spending time in an active way in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Getting to know and integrate into the academic community of different institutions.

There are still many challenges and numerous trainings ahead of our Club, so we strongly encourage you to join the ranks and strengthen the College of Education and Therapy AZS Club. And for those who do not see themselves as athletes, we invite you to support and be with our team at all matches!

Member of the Board: Jacek Paradowski, MSc

Current announcements on sports competitions are available at the Virtual Student Services Office in the section ‘pliki do pobrania’ (downloads).

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