Undergraduate (BSc) Studies

Undergraduate (BSc) Cosmetology Studies

Form: full-time
Duration: 6 semesters
Location: Poznań

The College of Education and Therapy offers the students a 3-year higher vocational studies with a practical profile in the field of Cosmetology. The studies end with a Bachelor's degree. The classes taught in these studies are selected in such a way that students are able to acquire an attractive profession and as many practical skills as possible within 6 semesters of study.

Cosmetology programme description

The aim of the Cosmetology studies is to educate professionals – cosmetologists who possess a broad factual and practical knowledge enabling them to perform selected cosmetic procedures (e.g.: skin revitalisation procedures, procedures delaying the process of ageing and beautifying and correcting the skin), to select cosmetics and indicate their applications based on pharmacological knowledge as well as to use physical instruments used in cosmetic procedures.

During this programme, students acquire practical skills enabling to improve physiological state of the body and work in close cooperation with medical professionals (dermatologists, allergists, plastic surgeons) in the care of affected skin. They can find employment not only in beauty salons and podologist offices, but also in cosmetic laboratories, cosmetic departments of pharmacies and drugstores, and in wellness facilities. The acquired professional knowledge also allows them to independently organise, set up, equip and run a beauty salon.

Why Cosmetology at the College of Education and Therapy?

  • More practical hours than at a renowned university in Poznań.
  • Interesting and innovative specialities during the three-year training phase.
  • Students Scientific Associations of high scientific value led in an innovative manner.
  • Additional attractive forms of learning, e.g. visits to cosmetic companies, trade fairs, conferences included in the tuition fees, at no extra charge.
  • Contact with professionals such as cosmetologists, dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, biotechnologists, physiotherapists.
  • Attractive practical placement enabling to prove oneself in the profession thanks to real-life contact with clients at cosmetologist offices at no extra charge.
Attractive education path

Attractive education path


By choosing to study at WSEiT you will gain

Numerous hours of practical classes in state-of-the-art cosmetic laboratories at the College premises.

Cooperation with major companies

Cooperation with major companies

In response to the needs of the labour market, the College focuses on new technologies and innovations in cosmetology. Cooperation with major companies involved in the production and distribution of state-of-the-art cosmetics and equipment is important. The cosmetic trainings and shows take place thanks to cooperation with such cosmetic brands as: Bionantech, Blomdhal, Chantarelle, Clarena, Farmona, Fenice, Glazel, Image Group, KLAPP Cosmetics, Marson Trade, Pharmea, Repechage, Vanite, Yasumi, MAESTRO – Akademia Wizażystki Olaf Tabaczyński, Salus – dr Kasprzak.

Attractive specialities to choose from

Attractive specialities to choose from

  • Aesthetic Medicine Physician’s Assistant ­– during this specialisation students learn the principles of cooperation between a cosmetologist and a physician and learn cosmetological procedures preparing the skin for a medical procedure as well as principles of performing procedures after medical intervention.
  • Diagnostics in Cosmetology and Trichology – thanks to this specialisation students will learn methods of diagnosing smooth and hairy skin, principles of selecting cosmetics to meet individual client needs. They will get acquainted with the arcana of practical trichology and procedural cosmetics.
  • Clinical Podology – choosing this specialty training will give you the opportunity to learn: management of ingrown nails in any stage of the ingrowth, careful work with diabetic foot, selection of foot strain reliefs and wound management.

Principles of specialisation selection

  • Students choose a specialisation out of a group of specialisations offered by the College
  • Specialisation gets chosen during the second year of the studies.
  • The selection is based on the information published on the College’s website and obtained during meetings with the Programme Coordinator.
  • Students submit written declarations to the Programme Coordinator (by the established deadline) indicating their preference for a specialisation, declaring their primary and secondary specialisation.
  • The choice of the majority of students of one of the three specialisations will be the determining factor as to which of the specialisations will be implemented for the academic year. It is possible to implement two specialisations in the case of a large number of students in one specialisation.
  • Students who have not made a declaration will be referred arbitrarily by the Programme Coordinator to one of the implemented specialisations.
  • Completion of the specialisation programme is compulsory for third-year students.

Offer for Cosmetic Service Technicians

  • Individually tailored course of study to ensure that the knowledge acquired at an earlier stage of education provides a valuable addition to knowledge and skills rather than their repetition.
  • Opportunity to increase one's competence by improving skills and learning about a wide range of treatments not included in the postsecondary school for beautcians curriculum, e.g. micro-needle and needle mesotherapy, radio waves, cryolipolysis, oxydermabrasion, corundum microdermabrasion, hybrid manicure, podology, thickening eyelashes, permanent make-up, electrocoagulation of telangiectasia.
  • Ability to target a specific field in cosmetology according to the specialisations offered at the College.

Additional activities of training value

  • Trips to renowned Polish cosmetics companies, including visits at production floors.
  • Carnival face decorations for pre-school children.
  • Organised trips to beauty industry fairs.
  • Organised company trainings and trainings giving additional competencies.

Students scientific activities

  • Emphasis on Bachelor Theses representing collaboration with cosmetic companies.
  • Participation in Students Scientific Associations leading to publication of jointly produced scientific papers.
  • Representing the College at cosmetology conferences.

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