Dental Technology – additional diploma during the studies

Dental Technology – additional diploma during the studies

The studies in the field of Dental Technology last 3 years and end with the defence of the Bachelor’s thesis and obtaining the degree of the Bachelor of Science. The College of Education and Therapy invites you to study in Poznań. You can choose full-time or part-time studies.

The College is distinguished by the fact that it offers an additional diploma of Dental Technician after 2.5 years of study. The price of the Dental Technology studies includes post-secondary education at the Wielkopolska Medical School in Poznan. After 2.5 years, having passed the national examination confirming vocational qualifications, students are awarded the title of Dental Technician.

The additional diploma is essentially a second profession and much more practice.

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The articulator is a device designed to simulate the movements of the mandible. Dental Technology students have been introduced to its physical version in the first year. They are about to learn about the capabilities of the virtual equivalent of this device, which wide range of possibilities is integrated into the Virtual Articulator module of the Exocad software.