Undergraduate (BSc) Studies

Dental Technology Studies

Form: full-time
Duration: 6 semesters
Location: Poznań

The College of Education and Therapy offers high school graduates and holders of a diploma in Dental Technician a 3-year higher vocational  studies with a practical profile in Dental Technology. The programme concludes with a Bachelor's degree. Subjects taught are selected so as to fully prepare the student for work in the profession. Particular emphasis is placed on gaining as much practical skills as possible in the field of prosthodontics and orthodontics, which takes place in professionally equipped technical-dental laboratories and during compulsory work placement.

Choose a convenient form of study

Choose a convenient form of study

After completing six semesters of study, the course concludes with a defence of the Bachelor's thesis. The student acquires higher education degree and an attractive profession as a Dental Technician. Dental Technicians are the mainstay of dental prosthetics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.


Attractive education path

Attractive education path

By choosing to study at the College of Education and Therapy you will gain

Numerous hours of practical classes in state-of-the-art dental labs.

We educate specialists

We educate specialists

The programme educates specialists who have theoretical knowledge of structure, functioning, conditions and rehabilitation of the masticatory organ and the application of modern prosthetic/orthodontic technologies and materials. Knowledge of social sciences, law, economics and organisation and management in health care is also an indispensable part of the training.

Graduates of the Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree studies in Dental Technology will have the ability to solve professional problems, will be able to collect, process and use data based on the latest information technology and will be able to cooperate as part of the dental team. They will possess comprehensive knowledge that will enable to properly select materials, methods and  technologies in the performance of the construction of prosthetic restorations, including special prostheses – splints, obturators, facial epitheses and orthodontic appliances used in dental prophylactics and rehabilitation.

Career opportunities  

Dental Technology graduates who are well educated both theoretically and practically will have a habit of constantly improving their qualifications by taking advantage of the latest achievements in modern dental prosthetics and orthodontics. They will find employment in healthcare entities, in education, or can run own dental technology practice.

Graduates of the Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree studies can also continue their education at further Master’s degree studies in other related fields at both medical and technical universities.

Specialised trainings as a part of studies

Specialised trainings as a part of studies

The College offers an extended range of practical classes through the possibility of professional trainings, confirmed by a certificate or diploma as a part of the studies.

These include the following topics: 

  • Dentures made of thermoplastic materials using thermal injection technology.
  • Modern composite materials used in prosthetic restorations.
  • Claspless dentures using precise retention elements – snaps, latches and other.
  • Veneers, all-ceramic crowns and bridges as aesthetically superior restorations.
  • Thermoforming method in the manufacture of whitening overlays, relaxation splints, surgical and orthodontic templates and mouth guards.
  • And many other topics in line with current developments in methods and technology in modern prosthodontics and orthodontics.

New! The curriculum including extended classes on CAD/CAM technology

As part of the extended curriculum, classes are taught in the virtual design of prosthetic restorations using a professional 3D scanner and EXOCAD software, essential elements in the CAD/CAM technology. The classes include specialised modules enabling to design:

  • partial dentures (skeletal)
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • implant work

The skills acquired during the classes greatly enhance chances of finding a job in the prosthetic industry.

The CAD/CAM technology is taught during over 100 lesson periods in the 3rd year of study.

By entering into partnerships with well-known prosthetics companies

  • We have expanded the curriculum to include a didactic outlines of the Rhein Academy cooperating with schools across Europe. As part of the Rhein Academy, the company Rhein'83 has developed a didactic programme in a form of lectures and trainings on the use of modern, precise retention elements (snaps, sliders, etc.) for dentures. These eliminate the use of unsightly clasps, improve the fixation of dentures in the mouth and significantly improve their comfort. Students will also be able to use the kits that the company will donate to the College to carry out prosthetic work beyond the curriculum.
  • We organise training courses with the company Natrodent, which since 1998 has been a technical and commercial representative of the world's leading manufacturers of devices, professional equipment and materials for prosthetics and dentistry, including AmannGirrbach (CAD/CAM systems, articulation), DDS-Pro (software to prepare surgical templates using CT and model scans) and 3D printers. The strategy of the Company Natrodent Profesjonalne Systemy Protetyczne is to search the world markets for the latest technologies and solutions for dentistry and related branches (prosthetics and orthodontics), which it successfully introduces to the Polish market.
  • We welcome lecturers from VITA Zahnfabrik, a company being a synonymous with pioneering spirit and solutions in the field of dental materials. Ceramic systems, VITAPAN Classical colouring or 3D Master colouring are icons of quality and reliability. Founded in 1924, the family-owned company is constantly ahead of its time and at the forefront of technology. The ideas for a new outlook on dental technology have been repeatedly awarded with the international design award – the Red Dot Design Award – where form and function must be in perfect harmony. Dental technicians in more than 150 countries rely on materials, equipment and comprehensive solutions from the Bad Säckingen-based company. Vita is not only about shade guides, ceramics and tooth lines, it is also about innovative CAD/CAM materials that open the door to completely new possibilities. 

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